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- an interview with Katy. 

Inspired through personal experience I want to promote adoption as a choice for those families who would, but can't due to money. With prices in the US as high as $40,000 you can see why cost is the number one reason holding families back.  

My goal is that from each sale a portion could be donated to organizations across the US in hopes to lower the rate of adoption.

Personally I have always struggled with the terms "buy" when talking about finding love through adoption.  I was one of the fortunate to be Found early through adoption.  However, I know there are many who were not so lucky.  And with that I know the reason so many go without finding their forever home, is the money blocking the growth.  

It seems the system to "serve" has gatekept those in need of a family through a very thick paywall. But that is why I have created this brand. To bring awareness to the issues, and provide relief one donation at a time. 

With that, it is our pledge to donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations across the US aimed for adoption. We hope to bring an end to the anxiety brought upon the debt following accepting a new family member.  

- Founder, Katy Laumb

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