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Love Doesn't Mean Blood

Free Flow Found Design

The Idea

At FOUND. we are constantly trying to think of new and improved ways to bring awareness to adoption. A common thing we hear is "you will never love them as much as you would if they were your own." We do not believe this. We believe love does not mean blood, and anyone welcomed into the family, is family.

The Designs

With such a radical claim, we wanted radical designs. Eye catching prints ensures we captivate all audiences. We understand it is a shock for some to see our designs, then hear we are a company promoting adoption... but that's the fun in it. Nearly all designs you will notice have a triangle and a heart, it is even seen in our logos. These combinations create the Adoption Symbol. The significance of each piece represents the love in adoption. The parents (bottom of the triangle)

supporting the child (top of the triangle), and the love that encases it (the heart). 

Love Doesn't Mean Blood

Our Blood

LDMB 7.png
FOUND Spine Strip.png
Hat Design 1.png
Hat Design 2.png
Back LDMB 6.png
LDMB 6.png




The idea thrives off the idea that our members are elites of society. We believe this because to support FOUND, you are also supporting adoption. A crisis sweeping our country one innocent child at a time. 

Some designs die, some designs are revived. One thing that can't die is our passion for this cause.

A rose can signify death and love. A beautiful tango is played when one does not know which it is for. 

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